Thursday, January 21, 2010


Guys...sorry for not being active on my blog...
have to wake up 7am every morning..
bathe, get stuck in abit of jam...
reach office...get the D.order's done..
if I cant finish in time I'll have to stay back... sniff~
6pm I reach home..pooped~

I'll post up some pictures of my working place soon..hehe =)
be patient with me huggiess!! I miss you guys...
wanna watch legion this sun with me?!!! btw!!! lets watch tooth fairy as well!!!

anyone? txt me =)...asap~

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Who likes Old Town White coffee?

LOLs...1st of all wanna thank those who cheered for me!!
I got the job!!! Today was my 1st day for work..and had to stay back for OT. sadist~
Do you guys like Old town white coffee?
LOLS I'm trying to rmb the system codes so, I can like key them in faster.. miew~

Oh btw...Old town white coffee has a new product. Its the can drink go try le =) nice..
The best top selling products are...Old town classic, hazel nut !!! ya hahahah!!
Anybody wants coffee =)? Free? lols I can like drink that every morning for free..
But, I'm too busy to make em~ sadist~~~

Will blog to go taylors to pay school fees keke...enrolling~~ nyahahhaa!!

Also, I wanna share a song...which is...what have i got to do to make you love me... John elton!! babeh!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Awesome going for interview tmr.
Clerks Job, preparing invoices, and Delivery notes.
The working days are Mon-Fri 8.30am- 6.15pm!!!!!
Thats if I get the job...its at Old Town white coffee's Office wei!! !! =D

:D wish me luck!!! Just finish writing my CV. Cheersssss....~*Vanish to maple world*~

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Need A Job!!

Does anyone wanna hire me?
Receptionist, Basic Bookkeeping, Child care helper,...etc etc..
Looking for part time jobs.
Worked as a commis chef , promoter, waitress.

Anyone wanna hire me? pleaseeeeeeeee help me spread the word.

Real soon I have to do this....=(